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Frequently asked questions

  • Why haven't you responded to my e-mails?
    If for some reason you haven't heard from us for longer than 24h please use other forms of contacting us (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram or an on site contact form). There may be multiple issues causing that your emails can't reach us or our emails can't reach you: -our emails might be landing in your spam folder -your inbox could be full and you can't receive any incoming mail -you could have made a typo in our email address or in yours if you were typing it manually into our contact form If you have secondary email please use that as an alternative if everything else fails
  • What is your current production time?
    That is dependent on the ammount of orders that are currently in queue. E-mail us to find out the current waiting time. Please note we'll be giving you rough estimates, not a specific day in the calendar.
  • Can you make my order sooner? I only ordered a hood/briefs/thong.
    Unfortunatelly that's not possible. We do not want to be unfair to our other customers and putting your smaller order in front of the queue would mean that the rest will have to wait longer.
  • How to order from this site?
    If you're looking for an "ADD TO CART" button - you won't find one :) We didn't want to create an online store with "add to cart" functionality. We prefer more human contact with our customers, as we believe it's more beneficient. So if you want to order a specific product simply e-mail us at (clicking the ORDER button under specific product has the same effect) with all the details (type of suit, color, thickness, size, additional options) and if you have any additional questions feel free to ask them - after all we are here to help you even if it's not your first latex experience :) Detailed step by step instructions on the ordering process:
  • When i click on the "ORDER" button nothing happens, your site doesn't work!"
    That's because you probably don't have any mail client (Thunderbird, Outlook etc.) installed on your computer. The "ORDER" button simply opens an email window where you can write to us and configure your suit, give us all the shipping information and choose payment method. You can just as well use our e-mail directly - the end result will be the same.
  • Do you sell on eBay?
    No. We have never sold our outfits on eBay nor do we plan on doing so anytime soon. If you saw our products on any auctioning site please be advised that these are not ours and the pictures were stolen and used without our permission. The only place you can buy our latex items is directly from us.
  • What are IN STOCK items
    These items are already made and are preconfigured with specific options (color, size, thickness, accessories). This means two things... one - you can't change anything in that suit and two - it's ready to be shipped without waiting times. In some cases these items have been worn only once for the photoshoot. This reason and the fact that they are preconfigured usually means they are priced a bit lower than the same suit custom ordered.
  • Why do you only put S/M suits IN STOCK?
    Since most of the stock outfits come from photoshoots, they have to fit our model - thus the limited size choices.
  • Do you chlorinate latex?
    No we don't.
  • Do you sell finger gloves?
    Yes. They are available in sizes XS, S, M, L and XL. The cost is 5€ for a pair. They only come in black and are made of thin latex. We do not attach them to the suits, so please don't ask for that :) You can buy them with any type of order but you CAN'T buy only gloves.
  • Do you make/sell toe socks?
    No we don't make them or any other molded elements. We also don't plan to introduce them into our offer in the foreseeable future.
  • Do you ship to my country?
    Yes, as mentioned on our Shipping and payment tab - we ship all over the world. There are some exceptions however due to ongoing pandemic. Please contact us to check if we can ship to your address.
  • Where are you located?
    We are a latex manufacturer from Poland - more precisely a small city named Konin.
  • Do you use discreet packaging?
    Yes. All the packages come wrapped in a plain black box with no mention of our company name or the contents of the package itself.
  • Do you offer express option?
    That depends on how busy we are. Contact us for more info.
  • I have some questions, how to contact you?"
    Write to us directly at We are happy to answer all the questions you may have :)
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