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we got that covered too... pun intended ;)


Even if you order standard size item, the sheaths are always made to measure at


Remember to always provide REAL measurements, don't make reductions on your own. 

We will make sure to reduce them accordingly so the sheath is nice and tight :)

If you fail to provide measurements #4 for cock sheath and #3 for anal sheath we will position them at standard heights.

All measurements should be in centimeters

cock sheath

only measure when fully erect


Shaft length

Total height

(with ballsack)

Around shaft

Shaft to prostate distance

(see image below)


Ballsack width

1. Shaft Length

2. Around shaft (girth/circumference)

3. Total height (with ballsack)

4. Distance from prostate to the bottom of the shaft

(see image at the bottom)

5. Ballsack width

On request we can make a cock sheath entrance in a desired size (diameter).

Keep in mind that too big of an entrance might cause your balls to slip out of the sheath.



anal/vaginal sheath

yes... we are aware you can't measure those :)

however we require your preferred length and girth of anal and vaginal sheath


1. Preferred Length

2. Preferred girth/circumference

3. Distance from center of the crotch (prostate) to anal hole

Click on the image to enlarge

For the anal sheath circumference above 18cm additional fee applies.

Contact us for details.

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